2023 Holy Week Liturgy | Day 1

Holy Saturday | Careful Watch

BASED ON JOHN 19:38-42 & LUKE 23:55-56

Cover the jar and lid with a black cloth 

Nothing happens today, Jesus has been laid in the tomb.

People thought this was the end of Jesus’ ministry.

They waited on Saturday, they prepared to honor him with valuable spices.

They spent this day hoping things were different.

Keeping careful watch, they waited.

Wondering if Jesus was up to something they didn’t understand.

This couldn’t be the end, but they watched with fading hope.

For us today, it is a day of careful watch, looking to the tomb with growing hope.

We know what tomorrow brings, but our celebration must wait.

We remember that Jesus really died, it wasn’t a trick.

We watch the tomb to remember how far God went to bring us back.

By Pastor Ben Wimmers, Pastor of Youth and Family