June 26

The Song Lyrics Project

Submission by Lena Blain

Here’s My Heart”

Here’s my heart Lord, speak what is true. I see this song as a prayer of redirection. As followers of Christ we need to be disciplined about reminding ourselves of the joy that we have in Him. We must not forget about the good things that He has already done in our day-to-day lives, yet keeping in mind that while we we’re still sinners, he died for us. Living a life for Christ means picking up our bibles and refocusing our hearts toward the One who we claim to be living for. We all too often become lost and hopeless when we try to live our lives without focusing on Jesus. We become misguided and are easily manipulated into self-centeredness as the world constantly urges us to put ourselves first. In the words of Timothy Keller, “A broken and contrite heart is a heart that knows how little it deserves yet how much it has received. To know only the first truth [how little we deserve] is to be self loathing, to know only the second [how much we have received]– is to be self satisfied, [yet] both kinds of hearts will be self absorbed.” Redirecting our hearts upward toward God frees us from our narcissistic tendencies of looking only at ourselves and our own desires, and instead becomes our inspiration to bring praise and thanksgiving to God for what He has already given to us. Psalm 51:12 pleads for God to “restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit to sustain me.” Cultivating the habit of redirecting our minds to Christ will result in a renewed joy and a sustained spirit.