January 9

Acts Sermon Series Study Guides

Are you looking for ways of connecting with others and digging deeper into God’s word? Here’s an opportunity to do both! Throughout the series in Acts, we have a study guide put together by Ko Spyksma that is intended to draw us deeper into God’s word together. This will run through our entire series on Acts – from January 16 – February 20 (see schedule below). We encourage you to take these 5 Sundays to go out of your way to connect with others. 

These are made in such a way that you can do them on your own, but as you will note in our study, part of being the church is that we are church in community. Whether it is with existing small group members, members of your household, or someone you’ve connected with in the church – your encouraged to use these materials to connect with others.

For those who are not sure who to connect with – Ko Spyksma and Pastor Steve will host a Zoom discussion each Sunday evening at 7:30pm starting January 16 and running throughout the series in Acts (see the schedule below).

All are welcome! You are invited to join for as many as you are able to. In order to get the most out of the discussion you are asked to read the passages and look through the questions before getting together.

Copies of the study guides can be found below. Click on the buttons to download a copy.

JANUARY 9 | No DiscussionIntroduction to series | No Study GuideN/AActs 9:1-31
JANUARY 16 | 7:30pmStudy Guide 1Acts 1 & 2:1-41Acts 2:42-47
JANUARY 23 | No DiscussionWeek Off | No Study GuideN/AVisiting Pastor
JANUARY 30 | No DiscussionWeek Off | No Study GuideN/AVisiting Pastor
FEBRUARY 6 | 7:30pmStudy Guide 3Acts 6:8-7:60Acts 6:1-7
FEBRUARY 13 | 7:30pmStudy Guide 4Acts 9:1-31 & 22:1-29Acts 15:1-41
FEBRUARY 20 | 7:30pmStudy Guide 5Acts 8:1-8, 26-40Acts 17:16-32
FEBRUARY 27 | No DiscussionStudy Guide 6Acts 10:1-11
Matthew 28:18-20
Acts 1:8