Fall Newsletter Excerpt | Do You Know Your District?

Written by Ron Hoekstra, Chair of District Elders

Hello! I’m Ron, and I am the newly appointed chair of the district elders this year. I just wanted to take a moment to ask: do you know your district?

In one sense, the question is towards your district leadership team. Do you know that you have a team put in place to provide care for you and others in your district? This care is not just one District Elder but an entire team of people which also includes Deacons, Pastoral Visitors and Caregivers. That web of care extends to the Pastors, Senior Visitors, Meal Services & beyond. Take time to see who is in your leadership team, to pray for them and to encourage them in the work that they do!

Also, if you have concerns, prayer requests, would like a visit, or even if you’d like to share your joys or answers to prayer – let us know. We are here because we share in this calling to care and come alongside everybody in their walk with God.

In another sense, the question ‘Do you know your district’ also applies to the other people in your district. Whether this is in the luncheons that we try to do at least once a year, or simply taking time to look who is on the list in your district and ensure to say hello to them at the church. Our districts are one way of encouraging connections across generations and beyond our regular friend groups.

Lastly, I want to let you know that it is never a burden to hear from a member. It is rather a joy to hear from a member and share in our faith journey together. Not all joys and concerns are shared on the prayer chain, and we would rather hear of requests, joys & concerns directly rather than by word of mouth which can be slow and unreliable. Please reach out!

In Christ,

Ron Hoekstra

Where can I find my district list?

For an up-to-date copy, we encourage you to download The Bridge App from your app store. In the App, you’ll always be able to find your District List on the home screen. Click on “District Information” and select the attached file: “District Lists 2023” to view the pdf.

Print copies of the District Lists are also made available once a year in your mailboxes.