2023 Holy Week Liturgy | Day 8

Easter Sunday | He Is Risen


He is Risen!

He Is Risen indeed!

Fill the jar with water and a few drops of glycerin. Secure the lid to the jar, turn it upside down and shake! 

 The gold celebrates Easter, the day that Jesus rose from the dead! This is the true celebration!

The crown is the right side up! Through his death and resurrection, Jesus is king over all things including death, no one is more royal or powerful than him! He is the king of kings!

Jesus is the rock on which we build our lives! The one who conquered sin and death is our sure foundation!

The silver tells a story a man who died for those who rejected him; Jesus chose to die for those who would betray him. See the love of God for us!

Red to remind us of the price of our salvation, that Jesus’ blood paid for our freedom and so we remember each time we eat and drink at the Lord’s Supper.

The cross lifts our eyes up to look to the place where our sin was dealt with. It is empty because he rose from the dead.

Only by looking back do we see how all the events of Holy Week come together to tell the story of our salvation. Now all the elements make sense!

But haven’t we forgotten an element? What about the cloth from Holy Saturday?

Jesus is no longer buried in the tomb, he is not hidden from us. But we do wait, we  watch for him to come again. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Easter is a time for remembrance and celebration, for what Jesus did   to bring us back into relationship with God!

We look to the cross full of hope, life, and joy.

By Pastor Ben Wimmers, Pastor of Youth and Family