Lent Newsletter Excerpt | Sermon on the Mount

Written by Pastor Steve Berkenpas, Lead Pastor

Matthew Captures Greatest Sermon Ever Preached.”

If I was in charge of the newspaper on the day Matthew’s Gospel was published – that would have been on my shortlist of headlines. Matthew’s gospel is phenomenal in many ways, but chapters 5-7 take a unique place in it. They capture a vast amount of Jesus’ teachings and some of the most pointed challenges to Christian living all in just a few chapters of Scripture.

From Easter until early July, we will be exploring these words of Jesus and seeing where his sermon still speaks to us today, and you are invited to get a head start on it! Read these words and be challenged by them in their face value. Read these words in different translations – find ways of having these words land on our ears in fresh ways. Whether it is listening to an audio recording of scripture, reading it on your device, or in printed Bible – find a way to read what might be the greatest sermon ever preached as we start our new series.


in consulting our small groups, one thing that we encouraged was having materials that correspond with our sermon series. During this series we will be providing small group materials that go alongside each sermon.

Not part of a small group but are interested in deeper reflection with your household or on your own? Let us know and we can provide you with the resources as well!