November 20

Christmas at Living Hope

The Advent season at Living Hope looks a little different this year, and we’ve provided some resources for you to engage with this season in a new way.


Welcome to Living Hope’s Advent Project for the year 2020! We are so glad that you have joined us. We hope that this season can be a special time of reflection of who Jesus is. To help make the season extra special, we have prepared a booklet and some supplies. We know that most of you are experiencing Advent and Christmas in your homes this year and this booklet and wreath is meant to empower you to bring some of the church traditions into your homes. Download the booklet by clicking on the button below.


The Build-a-Farm fundraiser is a friendly competition between Gateway, Trinity, and Living Hope. Each church is going to try build the best farm they can using the World Renew gift catalogue through donations and artwork! This is not only about raising money, but about support and awareness for World Renew, growing our compassion for the need of others during the Christmas season, and getting creative! We especially look forward to seeing the different contributions from people old and young who are part of this Advent project. Download the informational booklet by clicking on the button below.