November 7

Build-A-Farm Fundraiser & Advent Sign-Up

This year the “Build-a-Farm” Fundraiser for Advent is back and so are the Advent booklets for people to take home!

Since Advent starts on November 28, but our first deadline for the Build-a-Farm fundraiser is November 24, we will work to get the Advent kits to you by November 21! This means that sign up begins this week and the signup deadline is November 15.


    This year we are continuing last year’s Build-a-Farm fundraiser for World Renew – where we will be competing with the other churches in Abbotsford to build the biggest and most creative farm. The money that is raised will go towards supporting the disaster relief and community development projects that World Renew is a part of across the world.

    Each week has two components that go towards our final score:

    1. The number of animals – this is determined by how much was pledged that week.
    2. The artistic awards – this is our time to get creative! All ages are invited to participate in drawing, painting, or sculpting the animals that we are purchasing each week. Let your creativity flow! Pictures of the artwork can be submitted to the office via email:

    It was incredible to see the joy in both the generosity and creativity of those who participated last year. We also will see whether we can hold onto our title from last advent or whether we have to hand the trophy over to one of other churches. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing what sorts of creative things come from this year’s contest! For more information on each week’s challenge, keep your eyes peeled on the weekly announcements, our social media posts or the Sunday service announcement slides.


    Living Hope is putting together an Advent booklet to help you and your households celebrate Advent leading up to Christmas.

    These booklets will contain information on the Build-A-Farm Fundraiser and Jesse Tree Kits as well as provide a liturgy for you and your families to follow as you enter into the tradition of lighting the Advent candles at home.

    The new item provided this Advent are the Jesse Tree Kits. This is a resource with ornaments that you can hang from a tree or a branch each day of
    December. Each one symbolizes part of the Biblical story that leads to Jesus. This is another way households can join in on the preparation for Christmas Joy.