Fall Newsletter Excerpt | Giving At Living Hope

Do you know where money goes when you give to Living Hope? We’ve put together some graphics to give some perspective of how your generosity blesses the ministries of this church and beyond in a typical year!  

The question we asked was: If we include both budget and special causes together, where does the ‘average dollar’ go? 

MINISTRY | 48 cents (staff + ministry + admin) 

Just under half of the giving at Living Hope goes into making sure ministries can run. This includes our Sunday Services, Youth, GEMS and Cadets, Young at Heart, Bible Studies and more! Much of these costs can stay so low because of the creative work of our volunteers. We are so grateful for the hours people put in to see ministries that help both children and adults grow in who they are in Christ!

BUILDING | 16 cents (maintenance, facilities/operations, and debt serving) 

We can run many of our ministries because we have a building and the maintenance of this is only 16 cents of every dollar. A portion of the building costs is debt repayment, as we are still financing the sanctuary renovation and parking lot update. What a gift it is to have a well cared for building – allowing our ministries to run and also communicating to our community that we are a hopeful people who love the place that we are in.

SPECIAL CAUSES | 36 cents  (missionaries, global & local)

Over a third of our giving is devoted towards ministries that are outside of our church walls. We are a church that gives generously to the varied organizations that we support both locally and globally. Over half of our giving goes towards local causes (within BC) with over one third going to global causes and just under a tenth going to our missionaries.

For our full list of special causes, click HERE.