November 1

Advent at Living Hope & Upcoming Events

As October 31 has come and gone, we look to the next marker on our calendars – Advent! Last year Advent was a real highlight with the artwork for the Build-A-Farm Fundraiser (plus the money that was raised for World Renew), the Advent Wreaths in each home, and the candle lighting liturgy that households could participate in. This year we will be continuing some of these practices.

  • The CRC churches of Abbotsford are working together again for an augmented version of the Build-a-Farm Fundraiser.
  • We also will have a sign up for receiving Advent Project Packages. These packages will include some candles and a challenge to make your own creative wreaths as well as a liturgy!
  • As a new piece, we will also be handing out Jesse Tree ornaments – a special practice geared towards children.

We do all of these things not just to be busy during Advent – but to prepare our hearts well for the gift that we celebrate on Christmas day: God coming to dwell with us. We practice our gratitude for this gift in our generosity, and we cultivate a longing for his coming in lighting the candles – giving a visible anticipation for the day where we light the Christ candle again in the centre of the wreath.

More information will be coming on the Advent Project Packages and how to sign up to receive one.

  • Dec 4 | 3-6pm

    Christmas Carnival

  • Dec 8

    Congregational Meeting

    Dec 8

  • Dec 12 | 6pm

    Lessons & Carols

  • Dec 25 | 10am

    Christmas Day Service

    Dec 25 | 10am

  • Dec 31 | 7pm

    New Years Eve Service