April 30

The Song Lyrics Project

Submission by Michelle Veeneman

“You Already Know”

This song has been on repeat for me as I work – reminding me of God’s faithful presence with me no matter what difficult situation I face.

What a blessing it is to serve a God that knows me and my specific concerns – as well as the overall world crisis. When I ground myself on the truth that God loves me and knows me intimately I view my situation through a new lens.

God knows our thoughts – our feelings – our fears – our uncertainties – and He invites us to cling to Him in this difficult time. One of the reasons the Psalms are deeply loved by so many Christians is that they give expression to an amazing array of emotions and show that God welcomes the expression of these honest feelings.

God loves you. He will walk with you through the darkest valleys and will never leave you.

Whatever I’m feeling
Whatever is coming
Whenever the ending
You’re already there
You go before me
You go behind me
Wherever I’m going
You’re already there