December 3


As we continue to ensure we are creating a space that feels safe and hospitable for as many people possible, we have the following update in response to the new guidelines released December 1:

  • Beginning December 5, masks for ages 5+ will be required at all times indoors with an exception for those speaking or leading.
  • We also will have people keeping track of how many people are in the service to ensure we do not exceed 50% of our capacity which is 250 people. We are grateful for the space to be worshipping together and encourage all who feel safe enough to join us to do so as our in-person attendance has been below 250 people for the past few months.
  • As we look towards Christmas, may we be encouraged in the reminder that God comes to dwell with us. Whether you are worshiping at home, or able to join us in the sanctuary, know that the God who became flesh to be with us, is the same God who graces us with God’s presence wherever we are.