February 25

Living Hope Flood Response Update

Abbotsford Disaster Response Coalition 

At Living Hope we have teamed up with other local churches to form a coalition to work together to provide long-term support for those impacted by the flooding. It is a blessing to be able to work together in meeting the different needs in our community. We have a diaconal representative who is part of the Coalition as well as other leaders who have been part of the early formation of this group to ensure that we have a way of meeting the long-term needs together.


    On November 23rd, a local bank in Abbotsford estimated that the economic cost of the flood will be in excess of $7.5 Billion dollars, which would be the most expensive catastrophe in Canadian history. It will not be a matter of weeks or months to get through this – but years. Even before the flood there was a rising concern for vulnerable populations in the Fraser Valley which includes, but is not limited to, migrant workers, indigenous communities, low income families, and [now] asset rich, money poor families and farmers who have been affected by the flood and may not be eligible for Disaster Relief Services or other forms of federal aid.

    The needs are immense, the recovery will be long, and the time to act is now.

    Our vision is to provide both HELP and HOPE in the name of Jesus, through the stability of a coalition of local churches. The coalition will identify and meet the unique needs or “GAPS” that other agencies and organizations are not meeting. We envision this team to still be hard at work long after many of these agencies are gone. This is our neighborhood, and we believe that God has placed us here for such a time as this.


    If you want to learn more about where they money is going, who makes the decisions, and how to get involved: check out the Townhall meeting from February 15 by clicking HERE.


    Applications will start being processed in March. However, you may apply now by clicking HERE