August 5 Update

Living Hope COVID-19 Surveys

Hello church family,
Covid-19 has impacted each one of us in different ways that include being unable to engage and connect spontaneously because we are unable to come together for corporate worship and fellowship. So, how are you doing? We care about you and felt it important for all members at Living Hope to have an opportunity to have your voice heard.

In looking at the best ways to hear from the maximum amount of people, the COVID Response Team has put together two surveys. The first survey is geared towards engaging our current values regarding our in-person and live-stream services. The second survey is more attentive to personal and spiritual needs throughout your lives in this time. We value your honest feedback, so we encourage everyone—couples, singles, young adults, teens—to complete the survey; the more people we hear from, the better the leadership of the church can be informed regarding best ways to move forward in September and beyond.

The surveys were created using new technology to make it easier to summarize the feedback we receive. However, we recognize that not everyone is comfortable using this technology. Because we want to hear from everyone in our church family, anyone who has difficulty accessing or using the online platform to complete the surveys can stop by the church during office hours for assistance. Alternatively, anyone unable to access or to complete the survey from the church office is encouraged to call Jan Contant at 778-808-7775 who will go through the survey questions with you and record your responses.

Before completing the survey, we ask that you take a moment to quiet yourself before the Lord and pray that He will help you focus as you respond to the questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Please click on the links below to access the two surveys: