March 29

Sermon Discussion & Resources

Pastor Steve Berkenpas

“Worship Towards Heaven”
Isaiah 11:1-9 & Revelation 11

Watch the Sermon HERE


    What is this?

    This is a resource for families, singles, and couples – for young and for old. We hope that this resource will help you grow as disciples together by facilitating some discussion around the topic of the sermon.

    We know that it is not ideal that we are not able to have fellowship time after our service. But we recognize that this is also an opportunity to discuss some elements of the service without the typical distractions that we may have.

    The questions will not be perfect, but give an outline of possible questions to consider. If you have the chance to read this over ahead of time I want you to ask yourself: “how would you ask these questions differently?”


    Discussion Questions:

    • In the example, Cinderella had hope that something better would come from her hard situation. What are places people put their hope in today?
    • What have you put your hope in? Do any the answers above describe places we put our hope?
    • What would life look like if we had no hope?
    • As Christians, what is our hope, and how does it change the way we live now?
    • Hope is something rooted in the past (the historical reality of the resurrection); it is certain in the future (the fullness of the victory of God), and participated in (though partially) in the present. Which of these three elements stands out to you as particularly comforting?

    Have you ever shared with someone the hope that you have? Right now there is so much disappointment, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety because of the pandemic, but as Christians we are given the incredible gift of hope in the midst of this. Ask God who might need to hear a message of hope this week. Give them a call or send them a message, sharing the hope you have in God’s redemptive plan.